Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceIndustrial Security
In order to offer flexible services for security purposes of industry, we continuously train our security guards to keep them upgraded from modern advancements. The duty of security guards is to take care of entry and exit and have the knowledge about emergency situation.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceEvent Security
We specialize in providing customized Security Solutions at events at economical cost. DISS with its dedicated setup of operations and administration personnel provide infrastructure to support event services like Concerts, Corporate events, Weddings, etc.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceArmed Security Personnel
Armed Guards are posted at high value establishments which cannot be effectively covered by the police. Armed Guards are used as escort and for psychological impact besides using it in emergency situation and crucial areas. Dog squad with handlers is deployed as per requirement.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceClub Bouncers
The duty of a bouncer is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves and follows the house rules. The goal is to see that everyone has a good time, but within limits. Our bouncers are mature, personable, friendly, and can talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServicePrivate Investigation Services
We serve our clients in the best possible manner by offering personality & individual investigations services. We are engaged in providing various corporate investigation services as per the exact specifications of our clients.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceCorporate Security
We?re experts at verifying the credentials of the staff a company is about to hire. That includes the educational and professional qualifications the applicants claim to possess as well as the employment history they?ve offered you. We do the screening in a scrupulously legal, overt and ethical manner.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceExecutive Protection
DISS offers a truely unique approach to executive and VIP protection. Although our main purpose is the unwavering safety and protection of our clients, DISS agents strive to offer our clients an experience that is both remarkable and memorable. Our agents are courteous, thoughtful and helpful.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceLady Security Officers
Comprehending the important tasks of safety and security, especially while dealing with women clientele, we provide trained and devoted lady security officers. Committed to provide the best & safest possible environment to our women clientele, we have reliable women force.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServiceBodyguards
With the strong support of our personnel, we offer highly reliable personal body guards. These guards play an important role to protect VIP?s. These body guards are tested before the appointment to ensure the physically and mentally fitness. Our body guards are very friendly and well behaved.



Delhi Intelligence Security ServicePersonal Security Officers
We are engaged in offering personal security cover, private security services, private security guard services and private armed security to our clients. We offer private protection & security services to our clients, which includes individual, an entity or an event.