In this era of high technology, professional management, rapid changes in human-management relation,labor counter-demands and lastly increase in thefts & pilferage losses have pushed for an excessive demand on security agencies ,which are professionally managed and employ trained manpower. Since reforms began in the early 90’s, with the opening up of the Indian economy, globalization, all over the world,has progressed at the rapid pace. So much so that a new India has started emerging with large disposable incomes. People now are more forward-looking and experiment-prone and experience pragmatism. The entire client base of DISS can now be assured of the quality services along with the national parameters of safety. DISS now stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the private security companies, major or minor.With this single master stroke,  DISS has been able to cut flab as well as complacency, within its own security apparatus.Our managers are more focused in their jobs because of the new Quality Policy.

DISS is now providing services at par with the best in the Nation, and has achieved major breakthroughs in terms of becoming one of the premium security brands in the country. This had been our objective since we entered the security industry twelve years ago. Excellence in any given field is what drives us and we are glad we have been able to achieve our motto for DISS.

Shivanand Atrish
Chairman, DISS

In fulfillment of this personal ambition lies a greater ambition that is for our country, the beloved India. Security, on national borders or private, lends itself to a serious profession. Guarding personal wealth or that of the nation. Safety of the people or that of the business enterprises is immensely important, not merely for survival but for prosperity and development of civic societies, for individual happiness and growth. Ultimately,the preservation of these basic human needs, build further on the values and fortify security infrastructure of DISS.

A word of praise won’t be out of place here for the entire cadre of DISS. Whether they are senior officials of DISS or the security personnel. They have all been there, all along in building DISS a formidable security company with very few security companies daring to match DISS credentials. By virtue of which DISS becomes both,a top-notch security brand, and the very cornerstone of safety and security.